Doc Electro

Custom Tube Amplifiers

The Doc has a rich family tradition of creating vintage audio reproduction devices.  Starting with his Grandfather, Ivar Bergstrom who hailed from Espered, Sweden.  Since childhood, Ivar dreamed of being a master violinist.  As we all know, the bills need to be paid so Ivar went to work as a stonemason.  By the time he could afford his first violin, his fingers had been stiffened far too much for the delicate positions of the classical violinist.  Crossing the Atlantic and arriving in America in 1912, Ivar found work as a carpenter, making violins in his spare time.  In 1920 he had his own repair shop in Worcester where his wood-working talents happily wedded his love for the instrument he could never tackle as a music-maker.  For each of the 90 violins Ivar has made, he would happily tell you he may take one apart two or three times, scraping away the wood inside until he gets the exact tone desired.  Ivar said, "expediency is no substitute for quality" words that ring true today more than ever!    

-May the Lord bless us all. 


Pictured below is a beautiful work of art that is an example of the craftsmanship that you can get at Doc Electro.  If you can imagine what you want... IT CAN BE BUILT!!  

Contact us to create the custom audio re-creation device of your dreams! 

Here's the Proud owner of this gorgeous piece of equipment, Neil Robins!

Thanks Neil for the opportunity to build this beautiful piece of equipment! -Doc