Doc Electro

Custom Tube Amplifiers

This amp is the flagship of the Doc Electro stage power line. Quite possibly the most powerful backline amp in the country. This hand made monster is capable of producing 145 watts. The unit has a high and low input, but it's unusual. The high input goes into the first stage of the preamp tube, for a great gain performance. The low input goes into the second stage of the preamp tube for great clean performance. So in effect, out of this single channel amp, you have the capability of two completely different amplifiers. Perfect at the price for different gigs. Using the Pre and Master controls, you can build your bite from nice clean to nice crunch, all in the same amp. Stop in to check this killer out! Viva Viagra, NOT, if you have "E.D." on stage with your current amp, the "DE100" is the drug to use!


As we mentioned, these are build examples.  We build every amp custom to the player's wants and needs.  Prices vary depending on features and functions. Contact us today for more info!  Be the first guy on your block with your very own custom built, one-of-a-kind amplifier!!