Doc Electro

Custom Tube Amplifiers

This is Doc's first Class A amplifier. Capable of 30 watts but currently running at 20 watts. It's a single ended all tube design. Sportin' a 6550 output tube. As you educated audio files know, having the entire audio wave form amplified all at once, eliminates the classic ab crossover issue. Allowing for great harmonics and a pure tone not seen since some of the old Gibson's.

In order to develop 20 to 30 watts of class a power, the transformers have to be enormous. Therefore, we have chosen some of the best Hammond transformers available. To reduce weight, we've reduced the size of the unit thereby making the baffle very small. So, the box is angled and the floor becomes a sound plane, Hence the focus of the tone is about 7 or 8 feet away from the face at the average height of the person. A very unusual method, but that's what Customization is all about! Also this amp has a ballast resistor circuit and headphone output that is directly at the speaker. For precise personal listening. Even though it's small, it weighs 62 lbs! No dainty players need apply.

Checkout a video of Doc discussing the Class A from