Doc Electro

Custom Tube Amplifiers


As the mythical Phoenix catches fire in order to rise from the ashes to live again, so too are old amplifiers finding a new place in modern rock America! Lately many musicians are looking for custom made gear to fit their personal unique style but fall victim to the economy like the rest of us. Doc has pondered this predicament and has come with a solution for all you musicians that don't want to dismiss your old amp but wish it would just provide a little more flavor! As shown below, Doc has taken a few old amplifiers, removed the worn out parts and installed custom built guts. Creating the feel of a custom built amplifier at a much lower cost.


This Traynor YCV80 combo amplifier belonged to one of our local high power rockers, Taylor White.  When Taylor brought this amp to Doc, it had failed for the third time in three years due to being under a tremendous load.  Discouraged, the customer didn't want to put any more money into repairing the amp, but, couldn't afford a boutique Custom Doc Amplifier.  In order to continue our high customer satisfaction, Doc was able to salvage the transformers, body, speakers, and chassis.  He removed all the printed circuit boards and installed a hand wired custom DE50 circuit board making this a REAL tube amp.  Saving the customer a ton of money!  YEAH BABY, NOW THAT'S AMERICAN INGENUITY!!  

Shown above is the original Traynor circuit boards.  As you can see the board was badly burned.

Shown here, the rebirth of this amplifier is taking place.  Doc personally hand wires all boards.

Metamorphosis is now complete!  It may still look like a Traynor, but when you hear that sweet sound...

NO player can deny it's a Doc Electro Born Again Amplifier.  Resistance is futile!