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DE 50
The little sister of the DE-100! This amp is perfect for small venues and can run
with the big dogs at the large concert halls! With active tone controls you can
add all the Bass, Mid, and Treble your little heart desires. Although This amp is
less than 30 lbs, it has the Moxie to run a full stack! Don't forget, these amps are
custom made to order. The DE-50's have been crystal clean or wicked crunchy.
They've had reverb, tremelo, direct out and effects loops. They've been bright
like Nurse Electro or Super Dirty like the old Doc himself!
start at $1350.00
As we mentioned, these are build examples. We build every amp custom to the player's
wants and needs. There is no question that soon these prices will increase. Prices vary
depending on features and functions.
Contact Us Today for more info! Be the first guy
in your block with your very own amplifier!